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If you are looking for a way to clear land efficiently in an eco-friendly manner, then you need to Rent A Goat. At Rent A Goat we use a herd of our eco-friendly goats to clear your land of unwanted vegetation without using any harmful chemicals or gasoline to power heavy machinery. Our service is perfect for those with large acreages that need their land cleared in a clean and efficient manner.

Goats have been used effectively to clear land for thousands of years. Our services help clear land for new construction, reduce fire danger, remove unsightly vegetation, and more.


RentAGoat proudly provides brush clearing for all of California. Including but not limited to:

Northern California: San Francisco, Oakland, Freemont, Santa Clara, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Fresno, Salinas, Monterey, Redding, Bakersfield, and more.

Southern California: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Malibu, Torrance, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Rancho Palo Verde, Santa Monica, Escondido, Ramona, San Diego, Chula Vista, Laguna, Venice, and more.

Goat Grazing Services

If you have ever struggled to clear wild grasses, brush, kudzu, wisteria, thistle, or other invasive weeds from your property, you know how hard finding an effective answer can be. Chemicals, manual labor, and heavy machinery may not work or is just too expensive. Not to mention the effect on the environment, it’s just terrible. With Rent A Goat, we use goats to clear invasive weeds, grass, and other unwanted plants from your property by using goats instead of regular machinery or harmful chemicals. By employing goats you’re using an eco-friendly solution and taking care of the planet, plus it just works.

RentAGoat Open FieldEco-friendly Solution

According to an article in the Wall-Street Journal more people are looking for weed removal services that don’t impact the environment. Using heavy machinery or chemicals to remove yard waste has a big impact on the environment. Using goats to graze overgrown fields have little impact on the environment and they remove unwanted weeds and other grasses with ease.


Companies such as Google and Yahoo used goats in 2010 to clear invasive weeds from their office campuses. The Vanderbilt mansion, which is a national historic site, also used goats. Even the United States Navy used goats at Kitsap Bangor in Washington State to remove scotch Broom plants. This shows that using goats to clear land works and that people are interested in using goats as an eco-friendly way to look after their properties. With our concern for the environment growing, this is a service that’s taking a very natural approach to landscaping without harming the environment by dumping chemicals or by burning fossil fuels.

Rent a Goat

RentAGoat offers landscaping services with a twist, we use goats to clear the worst, weedy-problems. Simply request a free estimate and then schedule us to clean up your pesky properties. Our services provide weed removal including invasive species that are troublesome as well as regular brush removal. The goats can reach areas where it’s hard to get equipment to such as hills, slopes, canyons, or other rougher areas. This makes goats ideal for those tough jobs. Plus, goats love poison ivy, poison oak, blackberry, rose bush, and thistle. These incredible creatures are naturally immune to prickly thorns and itchy ivy.

RentAGoat Goats MunchingProtect Nature

If you’re looking for a way to protect nature instead of destroying it with chemicals and toxins, then Rent A Goat is an ideal solution. With us you can still have great looking landscapes, but you won’t be harming the environment. Our goats are all well-looked after and receive the best healthcare in the industry. The goats do a great job of removing those unwanted weeds and grasses that can quickly take over a property when not kept in check and you won’t have to worry about the harmful impacts on the local area due to herbicide spraying. When working they can also help to fertilize your soil with their droppings which provides nutrients to new plants. Incredibly, they even sterilize the seeds of the plants they eat, reducing the need for future weed abatement.

Sound Eco Solution

If you want to protect the environment then Rent A Goat is an ideal solution for your landscaping needs. Find a service in your area by using our Free Estimate feature today.

Goat MountainWhat do goats eat?

While the common myth is that goats eat anything, the truth is that goats love the type of vegetation that we find harmful to our crops as well as unsightly to our land as well. Just a few types of vegetation that goats can eat and clear away include;

  • Star Thistle
  • Wild Grasses
  • Poison Oak
  • Blackberry
  • English Ivy
  • Kudzu
  • Poison Ivy
  • Wisteria
  • and more!

Goats excel at clearing away the type of vegetation that spreads quickly without containment. Kudzu in particular is a vine that can spread very quickly, especially in warm weather. Poison Ivy can be a great irritant to many people, yet goats love to chomp away on this vegetation as well. Other types of brush can be eaten by goats as well to help clear out the land.

What people are saying about renting goats

"It's really been a win-win for us. It's cost effective, it's environmentally friendly. And it's fun..."
Deputy Chief Tim Smith
Deputy Chief Tim Smith
Heartland Fire and Rescue
"They have saved us thousands of dollars...not only can animals can do something besides look cute and fuzzy, they can also serve a purpose in our society, helping us keep our environment clean."
Mary Sessom
Mary Sessom
Mayor of Lemon Grove, California
“To have people do what these goats do, to clear the amount they would do, would be financially impossible."
Ray Lardie
Ray Lardie
Laguna Beach Chief of Fire Prevention


Why should I hire Rent A Goat?

Getting rid of unwanted vegetation does not only help improve your overall property value, it also greatly reduces the fire hazard as well. Plus, there are no harmful chemicals left behind when using goats and you are not paying for gas-hungry clearing machines either. Another advantage is that goats can get into places, such as very uneven ground that larger machines may have difficulty reaching.

How much do goats eat?

Quite a bit actually, a typical adult goat eats roughly 8 pounds per day. When you call our offices we will visit your property in order to make an evaluation of just how many of our goats it will take to do the job. It’s not just the amount, but the density as well. Once we see what needs to be cleared, we can give you an accurate estimate for our services.

Are goats safe?

All of the Goats are up to date with their vaccinations, de-wormer and get the right medical care when needed. A “goat wrangler” is present to insure that all the goats stay where they are supposed to be when on your property. The goats work when they want and take regular breaks, enjoying fresh water, beautiful views, and fresh air. They are employed until the job is finished and then move on to their next job site.


About Our Services

For all the services listed above, ours is unique, environmentally friendly and really works. Our customers see their land cleared of unwanted vegetation while not having to employ loud machines or use harmful chemicals.

Give us a call and let us show you why our goats are the best at land clearing for your needs.

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