Monthly Archives: May 2011

Website Redesign

We have added the new googlemaps interface to connect rent-a-goat affiliates with customers around the world! Please bear with us while we add our locations to the map. As they appear on the map as red dots, feel free to schedule them. Keep it green!

Open Letter

An open letter from one of our Green affiliates in Virginia. Please support your local farms! To: RentAGoat “We lived in Greensboro for 23 years but relocated to our family farm here in 2008. The drought there in 2007 got us out free ranging our goats on invasives as a necessity. We have been much […]

Start your own Rent-a-Goat Business

DEVELOPING A WEED & BRUSH CONTROL PROGRAM USING GOATS By: “Gary Pfalzbot” June is GoatWorld’s Goats In Action Month I have designated the month of June GoatWorld’s Goats In Action Month simply because in many parts of the Western U.S. (and the world abroad), this is the time of year when the potential for devastating […]

Benefits of Owning a Goat

Goats? What’s not to love about this pesky mamnals? They’re friendly, they make cute baying sounds and they give out milk that is extremely nutritious and great for cheesemaking. But that is not where benefits of owning goats end. See, even though they tended to be associated to less than charitable comparisons, goats are rather […]

New Mascot

We are currently redesigning our new mascot. Here is a sneak peek!

Eco- friendly Gaming Aids

Global warming has become a major issue worldwide. It is not just the responsibility of an individual, a community or the government alone, but a combined responsibility of each one of us to save the environment. Thousands of factories and industries have emerged in the past few decades that spread gallons of smoke and harmful […]